SWSLO is a wrap!


81 participants converged last Friday to form 13 teams, and last night we saw the fruition of their efforts over the last 54 hours. 

Grand Prize – Just4You

This team initially pitched a way for baseball fans to find the best place to sit to catch flyballs at games; by the weekend’s close, they had created a slick tool to help eventgoers find the best seats & venue info through crowdsourced data. They’ll get the opportunity to propel their idea forward with the Kauffman FastTrac TechVenture program and a coworking pass to the SLO HotHouse. Prize were generously donated by the Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Runner Up – Farm Nectar

Farm Nectar changes the way farmers markets work. This team engineered a service that allows busy consumers to order farmer’s market goods and get them delivered – it’s like a personalized, on-demand CSA box. Farm Nectar will get a 2 month team coworking pass at the SLO HotHouse.

Best Demo – Share Hub

The ShareHub team built a clean, beautiful UX for their lending service. ShareHub helps people lend out the things they don’t need and changes our mindset when it comes to buying things we need now but perhaps not forever.

Best Design – List

This team took a look at craigslist and other buying/selling hubs and created a better way for users to accomplish buying, selling and finding services online. They cleaned up the process and a built a great looking prototype that impressed the judges.


We truly can’t thank our event sponsors enough: Softec, iFixit, CCI, Experts Exchange, Cal Poly, Guayaki, Left Coast & The Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


You made this weekend possible. You all are incredible people and we are so grateful for your assistance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dan Weeks, David Telleen-Lawton, Brady Teufel, Kim Mistretta, William Kenney, Kyle Ashby, John Townsend, Paul Jurasin, Mark Bieraugel, Randy Scovil, Andrew Flachner, Michael Parikh, Justin Couto & Kent Miller.


We so appreciate your wisdom and willingness to participate in this critical part of the weekend. You were all fantastic!

Denise Dudley, Debra Larson, Kyle Wiens, Russ Levanway & Lucia Cleveland.


This weekend straight up would not have happened without you all. You are awesome and you power this movement. Thank you.


Mark Barbir from Experts Exchange gave a fantastic opening talk to kick off the weekend.

President Jeffrey Armstrong stopped by to check out the startup action and share his passion for the amazing things our Cal Poly community is doing. We were so happy to have you.

Don Miguel from Guayaki – thank you for keeping us constantly supplied with mate and good cheer. You kept us afloat and we miss you!