The Final Teams of SLO SW 2014!


114 Participants, 13 Mentors, 5 Judges, 1 Kick-ass weekend!

Here are the top 19 ideas:

Project Kaizem: To create the most transparent donation interaction possible. An online market for donations. Allows donater’s to know exactly where the money is going.

Templated Mobile Shopping Application: Take product metadata and applying it to a template so you can make an online store.

Beat Stream: Think instagram/twitter for music. New social media site allowing you to post a song you like and share it with friends who can like it and play it as well.

Fit Express: A premium nutritional shake/ juice/suppliment truck, aimed at providing healthy and delicious beverages whenever and wherever that health craving kicks in.

Song Train: An app that allows multiple devices to play the same song at the same time within a given radius, think of it as a shareable sound cloud.

Pigeon: Allow consumers to reach out to companies. You are able to quickly record your feelings through a video that is then sent to a company dashboard that shows the general mood towards the product. Gives CEO’s the resources to make change. Looking to get companies like Pebble and Occulus Rift to sign on so that they can get direct customer feedback

Food Key: Allows you to control a thermostat for precise temperature regulation through an app. Gives you the control of cooking from any location using an app.

F&D Taco Truck: A mobile taco truck in operation during into the wee hours of the night(morning). Bringing the taste of mexico directly to you

Auto Mate: A notification device that quickly lets you know when great deals on vehicles are available, compares the price listing to blue book and notifies you as soon as a steal is up for grabs.

Expresso: Prepaid coffee app, allows customers to place and pay for coffee before they even leave to pick it up. Customers also provide an estimated pick up time so you can bypass lines and pick up your coffee expresso style.

BeneFit: Creates personal recipes, to reach your targeted nutritional goals. Want to loose five pounds? BeneFit generates recipes and a shopping list to make sure you are in ship shop shape.

FoodEZ: A delivery service that allows you to order food from locations that don’t deliver! Now you can get food from when ever where ever directly delivered to you.

Muscle Juice: Food truck selling Energy+Fitness beverages combined, all natural, local ingredients, for those who are working out

Project Rebot: Reboting education, changing the way to measure education.

Carmic: A service exchange forum, where people can post profiles of what they can do for you, aimed at giving what you can and taking what you need.

Quantif(y)ed: A easy to use dashboard organizing all your personal apps (financial, exercise routine, calendars, etc. ) into one location, allowing you to check all your updates, notifications, requests, etc in one convenient place.

Lookey Here: An app that allows you to identify your car. By connecting to an extendable antenna raising a flag/graphic that allows you to see your car from a mile away. Customize the flag with whatever you would like and never worry about which spot you are parked in again.

Rate Poly: A more personalized rating system for classes and professors. Using scale based questions and binary questions to get the best feedback and generate a tag line for professors.

Twippol: Polling and voting by simply throwing out a tweet. Fast, quick and easy. Now you can get surveys results with the speed of twitter.

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